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  • The machine is suitable for automatic packaging of sheet materials; it can use plastic film paper plastic composite film, aluminum plastic composite film and other materials; used to package medical dressings, medical surgical materials, latex gloves and so on.

  • The machine adopts PLC and touch screen for operation and control. Sealing heating is detected by temperature sensing module and sent to PLC for processing control after analog-to-digital conversion. The temperature control accuracy is high.

  • The five drive motors are: Servo motor drive heat sealing station reciprocating motion, three stepping motors drive respectively to send film, traction and cross-section mechanism work, the output mechanism is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor after frequency conversion speed regulation Operation, conveyor belt can be 5 or 10 pieces of overlap, intermittent output, bring convenience to the packing count.

Voltage (V/Hz)380/50 220/60 (3PH)
Sealing Power (W)5000
Transmission Power (W)3500
Packing Speed (pcs/min)20
Temperature Range ()0~300
Number of Printing10
Air Pressure (Mpa)0.6
Max. Size of Packing Object   (W×H) (mm)520×280
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)6619×1863×985
Net Weight (kg)750

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