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  • The machine is ideal for sealing small packages, which adopts constant temperature control system and stepless speed regulation mechanism. It can seal plastic films made from various materials continuously. Embossing wheel and counting device are optional.

  • FRB-770 series are available in three models: horizontal model (FRB-770I), vertical model (FRB-770II) and console model (FRB-770III).

模块一-产品描述 (1)模块一-产品描述 (2)模块一-产品描述 (3)模块一-产品描述 (4)模块一-产品描述 (5)模块一-产品描述 (6)模块一-产品描述 (7)

模块2-参数 FRB-770I

模块三-尺寸 FRB-770I

模块四-产品细节 (1)模块四-产品细节 (2)模块四-产品细节 (3)模块四-产品细节 (4)模块四-产品细节 (5)模块四-产品细节 (6)模块四-产品细节 (7)模块四-产品细节 (8)模块四-产品细节 (9)