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  • XFB Sack automatic packaging system (from sack feeding to truck project) is new generated automatic packing line. It automates the packaging process of objects in powder or grain shape, including weighing, sack feeding, sack picking, filling, opening nip, edge folding, sack sealing, code printing, sack inversing and shaping, metal detect, weight rechecking, trimming, conveying, robot palletizing, empty pallet delivering, carrying pallet conveying, strapping, vertical strapping, wrapping, outputting etc.

  • Features:

  • XFB Sack automatic packaging system is characterized by high speed, high-quality packing, good compatibility and stable performance etc. It is a high-tech product manufactured by integrating mechanism, electrical devices, instrument and robot.


  • XFB Sack automatic packaging system for sacks. (Capable of achieving thirteen types continuous sealing for seven kinds of sacks by adopting five kinds of sealing. Weight: 25~50Kg). Customized order is available.

  • The packing system including the following equipments according to customer request:

    A. Gauging Filling Platform
    B. Automatic Bag Feeding Manipulator
    C. Automatic Heavy-duty Bags Packaging Machine
    D. Ink Jet Printer
    E. Automatic Turning & Bag Falling Conveyor
    F. Automatic Collating Machine
    G. Right Angle Turning Conveyor
    H. Automatic Re-weighting Machine

    I. Flush Trimmer
    J. Case Erector

    K. Automatic Robot Encasing Machine
    L. Automatic Carton Sealer   
    M. Automatic Strapping Machine
    N. Conveyor for Tacking bag
    O. Pallet Supplying
    P. Palletizing Robot

    Q. Automatic Pallet Supplying

    R. Output


Product Detail

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