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  • Automatic Carton Packaging System for Bottles is new generated automatic packaging line. It automates the packaging process of bottles such as empty carton delivering, carton erecting, objects-aligning and conveying, pad-placing, robot encasing, auto flap carton sealing, outputting etc.

  • Application:
    This automatic packaging system is applied to carton packing for bottles(such as glass beverages, plastic bottle drinks, PP infusion bottles, etc. ) in the fields of beverages, pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

  • Customized order for carton packaging line is available.

  • The packing system including the following equipments according to customer requests:

    A. Line-up Conveyor

    B. Case Erector

    C. Automatic Encasing Machine

    D. Automatic Carton Sealer

    E. Inject Printer

    F. Lifter

    G. Palletizing Robot

    H. Output


Product Detail

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