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  • XZB Carton automatic packaging system is new generated automatic packaging line which can automatically finished the whole packaging process from empty carton delivering, carton forming, objects-aligning and conveying, robot encasing, auto flap carton sealing, edge sealing, robot palletizing, empty pallet delivering, carrying-pallet conveying, vertical strapping, horizontal strapping, wrapping, outputting etc.

  • Application:
    Carton automatic packaging system is applied to carton packing in the fields of daily chemical, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

  • Customized order for carton packaging line is available.

  • The packing system including the following equipments according to customer requests:

    A. Automatic Side Sealing & Shrinking Packaging Machine

    B. Automatic Case Erector

    C. Automatic Robot Encasing Machine

    D. Automatic Re-weighting Machine

    E. Flush Trimmer

    F. Automatic Carton Sealer

    G. Carton Edges Sealer

    H. Automatic Strapping Machine

    I. Pallet Supplying Conveyor

    J. Pallet Supplying

    K. Palletizing Robot

    L. Vertical Pallet Strapping Machine with Top Seal

    M. Automatic Pellet Strapping Machine

    N. Output


Product Detail

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