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  • The whole machine is consisted of bag storage platform, bag taking mechanism, bag opening mechanism, sleeving mechanism, bag shaking mechanism, bag holding mechanism, machine frame and control box.

  • Working principle:

  • After placing the bag in the bag storage platform, start the machine, the bag taking mechanism would abstract the bag, the taking action is fulfilled by the bag is swinged 90 degree. Then, the process would be bag opening, sleeving and filling, in the end, the bag would be sent to the conveyor, and the bag mouth would be clamped to sealing unit.


  • High quality vacuum pumps are used to ensure the fulfillment of requirements of different types of bags.

  • Automatic fault identification, safety shut-down, simple and convenient for adjustment and maintenance.

  • Automatically opens and places paper, plastic and poly woven open mouth bags on to bag filling scale.

  • Fully adjustable to different bag sizes without tools in less than one minute.

  • Placing speeds up to 300 bags/hours.

  • Can be easily integrated with existing bag filling scales.

  • Fully assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment.



Voltage   (V/Hz)(3 Phases) AC380/50
Capacity (bag/h)400
Overall   power (KW)3
Air supply pressure (Mpa)0.4-0.6
Air   extracting speed (m³/h)22.5
Weight to fill (kg)20-50

Product Detail

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