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  • FRM-1120LD can seal all kinds of heat sealable materials, which adopts constant temperature control system and stepless speed adjusting transmission mechanism.

  • Both temperature and height of conveyor table are adjustable.

  • The machine works with solid-ink coder to print the colored labels while sealing.

  • They are able to print at high speed with instant dry and highly legible letters that have a good adhesion property.

  • Various colors are selectable.

  • Counting device is optional.

  • The height of both seal head and conveyor table are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of applications.

  • It can also be integrated into the production line.

FRM-1120LD (1)FRM-1120LD (2)FRM-1120LD (3)FRM-1120LD (4)FRM-1120LD (5)FRM-1120LD (6)FRM-1120LD (7)FRM-1120LD (8)



FRM-1120LD (1)FRM-1120LD (2)FRM-1120LD (4)FRM-1120LD (5)FRM-1120LD (6)FRM-1120LD (7)FRM-1120LD (8)FRM-1120LD (9)