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How does vaccum technology 
lengthen the life of food ?
Vacuum-sealed food stays fresh by removing air that contains oxygen and moisture, which cause spoilage. This low-oxygen, low-moisture environment inhibits bacteria, molds, and oxidation. It prevents growth of spoilage microorganisms, slows enzymatic reactions, and retains flavors. It also stops odor and taste transfer, and prevents freezer burn. Proper storage is essential.
Hualian packaging solutions for your products
Hualian's food packaging machine industry is technically complex, prioritizing high-precision technology for machine performance and efficiency. We ensure food safety and hygiene standards to protect consumers. We offer diverse packaging solutions, from manual to automated, to meet various needs. Committed to sustainability, we use eco-friendly materials and techniques. In summary, Hualian's food packaging solutions are innovative, efficient, sustainable, and economical.
We offer ideal solutions for various applications. Such as food processing industry, daily necessities, pharmaceutical industry, electronic products, industrial supplies, agricultural fields, etc.Among them, We've delivered cutting-edge vacuum production line technology to the fresh meat industry, reducing the workforce from 50 to a handful of skilled personnel, enhancing production efficiency significantly.

As a leading provider of intelligent packaging solutions with strong automation expertise, we concentrate on the entire production process. With over a decade of experience in systematic services including product packaging, transportation, labeling, quality inspection, boxing, palletizing, and post-sales tracking, our highly professional R&D team offers flexible, cost-effective solutions tailored to your requirements, ensuring optimum productivity.
Your benefits with Hualian
We adhere to the principle of "today's quality, tomorrow's market" and carry out standardized, modular and serialized designs for our products. The belief of quality first runs through every process of product raw materials, processing, assembly, and transportation. We have experienced front-line technicians and complete manufacturing processes to ensure that every process in the production, processing, and assembly of parts meets strict quality requirements. We have an experienced design team that can tailor sustainable solutions for each product.

● Top 10 packaging enterprises in China
● Independent research and development
● One-stop service and solution
● OEM supported to make your products and brand more distinguished
● Sustainable Technological Innovation
● Professional experience in accepting inspection from CE,ROHS,BSCI,ETL,
ISO9001/14001/45001 and so on
● Independent service team for each product category
Examples of application for food industry

Packaging styles
Success story
Vacuum production technology case success story
The Hualian vacuum packaging machine solutions for Pre-made Food
Hualian vacuum packaging line for Food
Hualian Intelligent Tray Packaging line
The Hualian Intelligent Tray Packaging Line integrates precision weighing and filling, versatile packaging options, and automated quality checks. With features such as robot-assisted packing and intelligent warehousing, it ensures flexible, efficient, and transparent production. The line's modular design allows customization, while digital traceability enhances safety and compliance through real-time monitoring and comprehensive product tracking.

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