Advantages Of Using Water-Activated Tape
Environmentally friendly: Made of kraft paper, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Strong stickiness: 10 times stronger than ordinary plastic tape, strong wet adhesion, and good permanent adhesion.
Privacy: If the seal is damaged, it will be obvious and the anti-theft tape will not fall off.
Stability: Not affected by extremes of cold, heat, light or humidity.
Economical: no more than one paper tape will be sealed at a time.
Aesthetics: The seal is smooth and beautiful, and it is not easy to deviate, break, or stretch.
Functionality: Wet glue paper with printed words can be applied.
Eco-Friendly Packaging Practices
Hualian has always advocated the concept of green and sustainable development and firmly implemented this concept in product research and development. We are committed to creating more environmentally friendly and sustainable products to meet growing social and environmental needs.
In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of green and sustainable development, continue to improve and innovate, provide customers with more environmentally friendly and sustainable product choices, and contribute to creating a green future.
Switch to Sustainable Packaging with the Easy-Tape Dispenser

FX-800 Hualian Manual Water Activated Tape Dispenser

The FX-800 Hualian Tape Dispenser offers precise, power-free cutting with customized length settings and a user-friendly design. Featuring a large-capacity water tank and paper tray, it minimizes downtime, and its flexibility with various paper tape widths makes it a versatile and efficient packaging solution.

●Cost-effectiveness: Economical and affordable.
●Output: Suitable for users with small daily output requirements.

FX-800B Hualian Button Switch Water Activated Tape Dispenser

The FX-800B Hualian Tape Dispenser simplifies packaging with automatic paper output, two preset lengths, and quiet operation. It's versatile with dual units of measurement, easy tape replacement, and universal power compatibility. The large water tank and paper tray reduce downtime with fewer tape changes.

●Automatic Button Operation: Enables automatic and fixed-length paper output.
●Two Length Settings: Conveniently cuts kraft paper at two different lengths.
●Low Noise Operation: Driven by a DC motor, maintaining low noise levels.

FX-800P Hualian Water Activated Tape Dispenser With PLC

The FX-800P Hualian Tape Dispenser is a fully automatic and versatile packaging solution. With flexible width adjustment, touch screen control, and safety features, it operates quietly at 60 decibels. Optional functions include laser ranging and a heating feature for winter. Universally compatible at 110V and 220V, it ensures precise tape length, facilitating efficient assembly line operations.

●Low decibel: Paper ejection is very quiet and operator friendly.
●Flexible Width Adjustment: Customized length paper output, adapts to different tape widths.
●Safety Features: Stops operation when the cover is opened for maintenance safety.

FXW-6050 Hualian Automatic Water Activated Kraft Paper Tape Carton Packaging Machine

The FXW-6050 Hualian Carton Packaging Machine operates at a speed of 20m/min, doubling productivity and saving time. It features international brands like Omron for PLC and VEINVIEW for a touch-screen, ensuring precise control and efficiency. Recognized for its solidity compared to BOPP tape, it accommodates various carton dimensions, and its heating function enhances sealing stability.

●Efficiency:Adopted in the packing line with higher production, save labor costs.
●Stability: With heating function, glue melting faster and more stable.
●High Speed: Operates at 20m/min, two times faster than other carton sealers in the market.
●Applicable: Suitable for packaging with large output and large-Capacity Water Tank and Carton.
Effortless Operation with Perfect Seals
Designed for Intractable Packaging Problems
Function customization
Customized with laser ranging
Customization of appearance and logo
machine color, customer model, customer nameplate and logo, packaging material, outer box design, etc
Customized thickness of counterweight blocks
 suitable for different thicknesses of adhesive paper
Customization of ruler units
suitable for customers in different countries to read length units
Customized startup method
equipped with a foot switch for startup
Language of panels and manuals
Standard Chinese and English, other languages can be customized
Your Partner in Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Automation and sustainable packaging: a win-win situation with innovative technologies

We are always committed to introducing innovative technologies and automation solutions to continuously optimize our production processes and resolutely reduce the need for manual intervention. This commitment not only delivers significant benefits to our company, but also delivers superior value to our customers.
Choose Water-Activated Tape Dispenser for a Greener Tomorrow
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