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Small Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine HVT-450A

  • HVT-450A
  • Hualian


  • It applicable to sealing kinds of PP or PE tray, could automatically finish the process of vacuuming, gas flushing, sealing and film cutting and so on.

  • It could do continuous packaging for higher efficiency.

  • Tray Vacuum Gas-flushing Packaging Machine replaces the air in the bag by protective mixture gas; inhibit the growth of most microorganisms which may make the food prone to spoiling and trichinosis; decrease the respiration of the active food (like fruit) so as to prolong the fresh time.

  • It is applicable to industrialized package of food or distribution of supermarkets.

  • The mould could be designed to meet the customers' tray size.

  • It adopts removable moulds which enable single machine to meet different sizes of moulds.


Voltage   (V/Hz) AC 380/50((three phases)
Power (KW) 4.43
Sealing   power (KW) 2
Ultimate vacuum pressure (KPa) 1
Flushing   gasN2 or N2+CO2
Pump capacity (m3 /h) 63
Capacity   (times/min) 

10-12 for only sealing ; 

3-5 for vacuum,   gas-flushing and sealing

Chamber Dimensions(L×W)(mm)400×(200-400)
Cooling   typeWater-cooling
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)2200×940×1750
Net   Weight (Kg)Approx.670

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