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A better life together without poverty

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Hualian Machinery Group started practicing targeted poverty alleviation project with linked assistance work.


To further demonstrate corporate social responsibility as Hualian cares greatly about people in poverty, On 2nd Dec 2020, Ms. Chen Nuan, Director of Human Resources Administration Center & Secretary of the Party Branch of Hualian Machinery Group, went to Dongcheng Community in Yongjia County, with Ms. Shi Aizhu, Member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Ms. Wang Lifeng, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, for the targeted poverty alleviation project with linked assistance work, and showed the great care from people in Hualian Machinery Group to those who are living in poverty, and donated to the poverty alleviation fund.


During the meeting, Shi Aizhu and Chen Nuan first listened to reports on the appearance of the three connected villages in Meiyuan Village, Jinzhuyang Village, and Zhushan Village, Dongcheng Street, villagers’ living conditions and sources of income. And then learnt about the production and living conditions of the residents, the assistance measures, whether the poverty alleviation policy is accurate, and understand the residents' idea of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich.


For a long time, participating in poverty alleviation and sympathy activities has always been Hualian Machinery’s practical action to give back to the society and actively undertake social responsibilities. For a long time, participating in poverty alleviation activities has always been Hualian's practical action of giving back to the society as well as actively assume social responsibility. The development of an enterprise depends on the support of the existing party committee, government and all sectors of society. As a caring and socially responsible company, Hualian will always keep paying attention to and help those families in need. And will pay visits from time to time, also will encourage more companies and people to participate in this poverty alleviation, to help more people and families in need.

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