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Automatic Plastic Bag Packaging Machine With Inner PE Film FBC-2/2D

  • FBC-2/2D
  • Hualian

  • FBC-2 automatic double folding & sealing packaging machine is a kind of environment-protective packing machine. It is suitable for packing sack weighing from 25~50kg, and it is suitable for packing monolayer or multilayer kraft paper bag, paper plastic compound bag and inner plastic bag etc.

  • This machine can automatically achieve operation procedures of dedusting (optional), inner bag sealing, pinching, trimming & impressing, first folding, flattening, second impressing, second folding, tape sticking and sealing etc.

  • The packed bag will have excellent sealing performance and fastness, which owns the advantage of dust-proof, damp-proof, pollution proof and could protect the packing product appropriately.

  • Feature:

  • Dedusting mechanism is optional, which is used to remove the dust on bag opening.

  • Adopting controllable constant heating device for heating and pinching inner plastic layer  to keep air-tight. 

  • Adopting inner bag sealing, bag opening-folding for two times, hot melt tape sticking on one side to prevent folded bag opening from rebounding.

  • Adopting step motor to draught tape which will be cut according   length automatically. The relevant actions will be achieved stably and reliably.

  • Adopting swivel heater for heating tape so as to achieve instant sticking.

  • Transmission mechanism adopts tailor-made gripping chain to keep packing bag feeder and conveyor working in-phase.

  • The whole machine completes the whole process of packing automatically according to programmable procedure by PLC.

  • This machine can form production line by being equipped with conveyor, and it can form automatic production line with devices for auto weighing, auto filling, auto turning & falling, auto line-up, auto palletizing, auto strapping and auto film wrapping etc.






Voltage (V/Hz)

AC 380/50

Gross PowerKW)



Transmission PowerKW)


Heating Power KW)


Deduster Power KW)


Sealing Speed (m/min)


Height From Sealing Center   to the Floor (mm)


Temperature Range  ()


Air Source Pressure (Mpa)




Specification of Hot Melt   Tape (mm)

Width 70mmpaper core diameter 75mm

External Dimension   (L×W×H)(mm)


Net Weight (kg)


FBC-2D 外形图 (Ver.A-01)

5 局部图上框FBC-2+SJB-500357智能化后道包装系统样品图48 产品包装