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Automatic Thermoforming Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machines HVR-320A

  • HVR-320A
  • Hualian


  • HVR-A  Series Automatic Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine can continuously finish the procedure of film forming, automatic or manual products feeding, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, etc.;  it will skin pack the product.

  • It is widely used to skin pack the products like kinds of snacks, meat, medical products, hardware, medical equipment, etc.

  • It adopts removable moulds which enable single machine to meet different sizes of moulds.

  • It equips with recycling device for waste film and ensure healthy environment.

  • It works with sensor for accurate positioning. It is available for vanish-film or color film to pack.


Voltage   (V/Hz)AC 380/50
Power (KW)13
Air   Source(Mpa)0.5-0.8
Chamber Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)284×(200-400)
Max.   stretch depth (mm)≤80
Vacuum Pump capacity (m3/h)100   or 160 or 200
Capacity(Times/min)4-6 times/min
Cooling Typewater-cooling
Upper   FILM Width(mm)292
Lower FILM Width (mm)322
External   Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)5200×950×1960
Net Weight (Kg)Approx.1700



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