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  • FXJ series is designed to seal carton by applying adhesive tape

  • Cost effective, High speed

  • Easy size changeovers

  • For integration into production line or as stand alone machine

  • It's widely used in the fields of domestic electrical appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industry

  • Conveyor belt tension and tape tension are adjustable to meet the needs of soft/hard cartons

  • Printed tape can be used to improve enterprise image

  • FXJ-B series: three-sides drive belts, upper&bottom tape head, ideally suited for heavy cartons

FXJ-5050A B (1)FXJ-5050A B (2)FXJ-5050A B (3)FXJ-5050A B (4)FXJ-5050A B (5)FXJ-5050A B (6)FXJ-5050A B (7)FXJ-5050A B (8)

FXJ-5050A B (10)FXJ-5050A B (11)FXJ-5050A B (12)FXJ-5050A B (13)FXJ-5050A B (14)FXJ-5050A B (16)FXJ-5050A B (17)

Voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50 110/60
Power (W)270
Max. Carton Size (W×H)(mm)500×500
Min. Carton Size (W×H)(mm)130×120
Speed (m/min)20 m/min (30 cartons/min)
Adhesive Tape MaterialsBOPP, PVCadhesive tape, water-free adhesive tape
Height of Table (mm)580-780
Width of Adhesive Tape (mm)48, 60, 76 (optional)
External Dimensions (L×W× H)(mm)1730×950×(960-1550)
Net Weight (kg)125

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