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Automatic Powder Packaging Machine DXDF-2000AX

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DXDF series Automatic Powder Packaging Machine with Upright Screw Blanking is combined with a weighing machine and sealing machine. The weighing, blanking, packaging, and cutting processes are controlled by micro-computer. So the packaging will be smooth.



Reliable performance

Flexible use

Simple operation

High efficiency.

High-precision auger filling system

PLC control

Touch screen

Suitable for multiple sizes

Date code printer is optional



1. DXDF series Automatic Powder Packaging Machine with Upright Screw Blanking are suitable for heat sealable compound materials such as single Paper/PE, Cellophane/PE, Aluminum foil /PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE etc.

2. It is ideal for packaging the powders in the fields of food, daily chemical, medicine, agricultural chemicals, veterinary drugs, etc.

3. To use in the place where there is enough space, such as small factory, monopolization shop, and workshop, etc.


Voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50   110/60
Power (W)2800
Capacity (bags/min)5-30
Packing Capacity (ml)200-2000
Length of Bag (mm)50-310
Width of Bag (mm)50-220
External Dimensions(L×W×H) (mm)1260*860*2200       
Net Weight (kg)450

Product Detail

细节7立式自动包装机样品图-8 产品包装9产品运用



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