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Automatic Vacuum Shrinking Packaging Machine BSF-5640LG+BS-5030X

  • BSF-5640LG+BS-5030X
  • Hualian


BSF-5640LG Automatic L Bar Sealer is mainly applied to film wrapping for different products, which has the advantages of dustproof, damp-proof, and beautiful sealing.


BS-5030X High-Speed ShrinkTunnel is suitable for fully automatic shrink wrapping with high speed.



Widely applied to different kinds of products

The economical model which is the best choice for getting started with an automatic sealer

Equipped with safety protection cover and alarm device

Automatic feeding, whose length can be automatically adjusted by a combination of sensor and timer

Perforator device can be flexibly adjusted

The design of brush is for permanent use

Sealing temperature is controlled by PID system

Integrated L-shaped sealing blades coated with Teflon.

Transparent window function can show shrinking process inside

It adopts a roll conveyor belt, also can adopt TEFLON mesh belt or stainless steel mesh belt.

Inner insulate shell, temperature uniformity.

The speed of conveying belt can be regulated at will by the electric speed controller.



1. BSF-5640LG Automatic L Bar Sealer + BS-X series shrink tunnel are applied to heat shrinkable film such as PVC, POF, PP, etc.

2. It is suitable for single and combinations packages such as cookies, books, CDs, glassware, tissue, paper card, photo frame, aluminum section, woodwork, etc.

3. To use in the place where there is enough space, such as factory and warehouse, etc.


Voltage (V/Hz)220V 50/60HZ
Air Pressure Required (kg/cm³)5-8
Power (kw)1.8
Capacity (PCS/min)0-25
Max. Packing Size (mm)W+H<450,W<400,H<120,L<350
Max. Sealing & Cutting Size (L×H) (mm)500×400
External Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)1770×830×1600
Net Weight (kg)300

Voltage (V/Hz)3   Phase 380/50  or  3 Phase 220/60
Power (kw)16 
Max. Packing Size (W×H) (mm)400×250
Speed (m/min)0~25
Tunnel Size (L×W×H) (mm)1500×500×300
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)1800×990×1300
Net Weight (kg)300

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