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Hualian Machinery Won the 2020 Hidden champion Enterprise of Zhejiang Province

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The "hidden champion" enterprise represents a city's innovative vitality。


Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology issued a notice on the list of hidden champion enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2020. After the evaluation, Hualian Machinery was  awarded the “hidden champion Enterprise of Zhejiang Province” in 2020.




The concept of "hidden champion" originated in Germany.

It refers to those small and medium-sized enterprises which have long-term focus and deep cultivation of product development and production in a certain sub industry, maintain the industry's leading position, and have dedicated development strategies, scientific management systems, unique product services, also with professional technology research and development, stable customer relationships, sustainable market demand and significant economic benefits.

The German manufacturing industry has more than 1,300 "hidden champions" companies, helping Germany established an international brand image of durable products and excellence.


Being awarded the "Hidden Champion Enterprise of Zhejiang Province" is sign of high recognition, also high expectation of the company's future!


For a long time, Hualian Machinery has been focusing on high-quality products and services as one of our core competitiveness, and firmly believes that innovation is the permanent driving force for our development, and promotes our transformation from scale advantages to innovation excellence .

Even during the deteriorating market environment of 2020, we have maintained rapid and stable growth, which has become an important support for the development of the packaging industry.


In the future, in this rapidly changing era, Hualian Machinery will not only maintain our original determination of being more professional, more excellent, stronger and greater, but will also continue to renew ourselves, continue to learn and evolve, and truly become a champion.

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